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you my love
Thursday, February 24, 2011 >>10:08 PM

If you loved someone, you couldn’t let lies come between you. No matter what happened - even if you’d already lost each other forever - you owed each other the truth. We might not be the sweetest couple on earth but you are what i want. You are the selected one. I love you like i never did before. We always argue for something, that's the point of being together. Everybody have a different mind. We shared problems together and so we argue for different type of views. I might not be the one for you in future but for now, yes, I can say i am the one for you. And you, YES, you are definitely the one for me too. No others, i promised. Maybe some times promises are meant to be broken but yeah. I said it and I'll do it. Darling, Please don't leave. You see. We'd gone through a lot of things together, how can you manage to just leave like that right? I'm crazy about you just like the previous year. Do you know that? I'll hide every of my sadness, madness, jealousy, and etc in my heart or even every part of my internal organs just to keep it from you. It's quite stupid and useless act but I'd chosen to do that. I don't know why. Bie, Just for your goodness sake, i love you damn much. Only you in my heart, I promised. Others are not qualified. I have a BIG BUTT :)

i did not change much :)
Sunday, February 6, 2011 >>2:03 PM

I'm a dummie in editing photos. Btw, i changed not much. Still the same face all through the year. I love you. Oh yea. Just enjoying my CNY holidays. Didn't really studied. My gosh. I hate myself for being so stupid and being so lazy. Can i changed for SPM? Can i really manage to do it? I love being playful and childish throughout the year. I wanna be myself in a happy way, not stress type. But what to do? I'm already seventeen and i had to do everything myself. I had to be hardworking and study everyday to push myself to the maximum. I hope i can die now. I wanted to be free from everything. By now, I probably studying there but what am i doing here? Online-ing. Oh well god, I'm going to study now and do all my homeworks exactly now. Bye readers and also my hubby. I love you so freaking much. Hees. Happy END holiday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011 >>1:00 PM

It's CNY today but i guess i got to celebrate it myself. It's hard to believe that i'm all alone right now. But actually i know that you are coming back real soon. It's kind of fun to be alone at home. I can watch movies and online and do something i love. Just when i needed someone there's no one here. That's all. Hahaha.


I'll miss you my darling.
Sunday, January 30, 2011 >>2:29 PM

I'll always be here whenever you need me :)
So very long time never blog already. I'm so busy lately. Things came by and went off too. So many stuff happened lately. Studies, Love, Life. Okay. My baby darling went on to a vacation with his family. He will be leaving me for two weeks. Two weeks without chating to him.Will our love fade? Won't! I love you more than ever bie. I'll never leave you. Miss me everyday and take care yourself. Ohmygosh. At last, I can finished up my motor practice, 10hours ended. Got to take the test soon. I will miss the place. HAHAHA. Baby. I'll wait for you to come back.

Saranghae baby. Iloveyou. *kiss*

Saturday, January 1, 2011 >>12:00 AM

It's new year. 

I'm me again :D
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 >>4:08 PM

My last message to you. GET OUT OF MY LIFE! Although i really really love you but i just can't pretend that nothing had happened. GOODBYE MY LOVE. I'll be mature and I'll be cleverer. I'm won't regret for everything but i'll never forget what you did. Get your own life. FUCKOFF.

Merry Christmas
Saturday, December 25, 2010 >>10:25 AM

Merry Merry Christmas to EVERYBODY :D

I love you baby. I really really love you :) I get a SPONGEBOB for my Christmas from you. Sorry baby. I couldn't get out from my house, so I didn't buy you one present. So sorry. I love you by the way.


My name's Elaine, and I'm 17 years old.
I love the one that inspires my heart.&hearts
My english is not that good, so please don't laugh at what i wrote on my blog :)
This is my blog, and please don't judge on what i wrote.
Please stay if you love me and LEAVE if you dislike me.
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